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It is not always possible to identify your debtor through an ordinary research. In such situations we offer a skip tracing service, delivered by fully licensed, professional private investigator. They obtain the required data from both the official registers and a wide spectrum of informal sources.


skip tracing

What information can I obtain through skip tracing?

You can find out following data:

  • PESEL – unique, statistic identification number of every Polish citizen, critical factor for any tracing steps,
  • debtor parents’ names
  • place of official (registered) residence,
  • current postal address,
  • current factual residence,
  • valid phone numbers.

How can I use the information included in asset tracing?

Determining debtor’s assets proves to be very useful. During amicable debt collection this kind of knowledge can be used in negotiations. Debtor often underappreciates the agent and his knowledge about the subject. Making him aware of collectable assets and the possibility of losing them, almost always changes debtor’s attitude and triggers a “hidden disposition” of debt payment.

On a legal stage of collection we can use this knowledge to quickly seize assets in the bailiff procedure, before any other creditor. Having a ready report, the bailiff does not waste time on establishing assets and can proceed directly to legal actions.