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International Debt Collection Hub

International Debt Collection

International debt collection is something that we specialize in. A well developed, ever-growing debt collection hub enables us to provide you with debt collection services all around the world. This type of services depends on cooperating with specific, verified partners in many countries that perform debt recovery on our behalf. These are the selected companies that respect the same rules and principles as we do. What does it really mean to you? It means that while working with us you are able to recover your money not only in one country, but in almost every country all over the world by contacting usually only one person.

Are you curious which countries we cover?

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How long does the international collection last?

International debt collection is flexible. The standard duration is around 90 days.

Do you work with foreign partners?

Yes. We cooperate with trusted and verified partners – debt collection companies and law offices – who are specialized in the specific market, law and culture. Due to that, the effectivity of international debt collection is even greater.

Which regions do you cover?