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For professionals

We understand that there are no identical cases, so despite the fact that we have fixed procedures developed over many years of practice, we are also flexible and sensitive towards the situation of the debtor and towards the needs of our partners. Our agents use different means of communication, according to the rule of trying to do everything we can in order to obtain positive results. The other applications of this rule can be observed in-field visits performed by highly trained agents or skip and asset tracings prepared by private investigators – which is generally called as integrated services by us.

We value good communication equally with good work. This is why we provide regular reports regarding the files provided to us. We specialize in B2B debt collection – performed both in amicable way on the basis of success fee and the judicial solution offered by the in-house EULEO Law Office.

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How long does the amicable collection take?

Around 60 to 90 days.

Does EULEO engage in collecting interests?

Yes. Automatically, in every case, we charge the debtor with interests from a commissioned and due receivables and we collect them.

Our IT system calculates the amount of interests for the current day and it updates this amount every day. Collecting the interests helps us to negotiate payment in a more effective way. With creditor’s approval, the interests may be partially reduced or written off.

For entrepreneurs

What are your associations related to debt collection? They are probably not very positive, but do not worry, you are not alone. This is the reason why we try to overcome the stereotypes. When you pass a case to us, we will do our best to get your money back and make sure at the same time that you will still have good business relationships with a debtor. Our agents will use many different communication methods to obtain positive results, including on-site visits performed by highly trained employees. We make a thorough analysis of the situation before initiating any actions. We value communication equally with good work. This is why we provide you with regular reports, so you are up to date with any progress that we make. While working with us, you are able to choose from a wide range of services that includes skip and asset tracing prepared by private investigators, credit reports, amicable or judicial debt collection, which we call integrated services.

Our work is based on success fee, which means that we receive commission calculated only from the amount we have collected. When starting cooperation with us, you will be presented with a tailor-made offer just for you.

Which methods are used by EULEO during collection process?

In the collection process we make sure that our actions happen within the binding law, with respect to debtor’s dignity and most of all, with cultivating creditor’s image. We stick to the rules of work ethics and good collection practice.

Our actions consists of the following: phone calls, payment notices, site visits, investigations.

What is the best time to refer my receivables to collection?

According to debt collection industry statistic data, postponing the decision to refer the case to collection exposes the creditor to increasing losses. Creditor’s chances to recover receivables from debtor decrease over time. Within 90 days after the due payment day the chances are at 92%, however just after one year, they drop to 8%.