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How long does the amicable collection take?

Around 60 to 90 days.

Does EULEO engage in collecting interests?

Yes. Automatically, in every case, we charge the debtor with interests from a commissioned and due receivables and we collect them.

Our IT system calculates the amount of interests for the current day and it updates this amount every day. Collecting the interests helps us to negotiate payment in a more effective way. With creditor’s approval, the interests may be partially reduced or written off.

Which regions do you cover?

Which methods are used by EULEO during collection process?

In the collection process we make sure that our actions happen within the binding law, with respect to debtor’s dignity and most of all, with cultivating creditor’s image. We stick to the rules of work ethics and good collection practice.

Our actions consists of the following: phone calls, payment notices, site visits, investigations.

What is the best time to refer my receivables to collection?

According to debt collection industry statistic data, postponing the decision to refer the case to collection exposes the creditor to increasing losses. Creditor’s chances to recover receivables from debtor decrease over time. Within 90 days after the due payment day the chances are at 92%, however just after one year, they drop to 8%.

How long does the international collection last?

nternational debt collection is flexible. The standard duration is around 90 days.

Do you work with foreign partners?

Yes. We cooperate with trusted and verified partners – debt collection companies and law offices – who are specialized in the specific market, law and culture. Due to that, the effectivity of international debt collection is even greater.

Who provides legal services within EULEO?

Within EULEO Group, there is EULEO Law Office consisting of many specialized and experienced lawyers, who provide legal services to our clients. We do not use the services of external companies in this matter.

How much does the legal service cost?

It depends on many factors in the case. The best way to find out is to contact us and we will be able to advise.

Who will provide legal services for me?

13 licensed lawyers, attorneys and legal counsels will take care of your files.

What information can I obtain through skip tracing?

You can find out following data:

  • PESEL – unique, statistic identification number of every Polish citizen, critical factor for any tracing steps,
  • debtor parents’ names
  • place of official (registered) residence,
  • current postal address,
  • current factual residence,
  • valid phone numbers.

How can I use the information included in asset tracing?

Determining debtor’s assets proves to be very useful. During amicable debt collection this kind of knowledge can be used in negotiations. Debtor often underappreciates the agent and his knowledge about the subject. Making him aware of collectable assets and the possibility of losing them, almost always changes debtor’s attitude and triggers a “hidden disposition” of debt payment.

On a legal stage of collection we can use this knowledge to quickly seize assets in the bailiff procedure, before any other creditor. Having a ready report, the bailiff does not waste time on establishing assets and can proceed directly to legal actions.

How much does it take to prepare a credit report?

It takes around 7-14 days.

How much does preparing credit report cost?

When it comes to a report regarding a Polish entity, prepared in English, the cost of such service is 100 EUR.